IMSGI Opportunity Fund II 
- Tech investing made simple

From thousands of gathered data and from the elite consultants recommendation, 

we provide you the great opportunity to invest in wide arrays of tech industries with proven track records.

The formation of the IMSGI Opportunity Fund II, the second progress of our growth capital. This fund is supposed to supplement our middle budget, now not take us in a new direction. We will continue to be obsessively centered at the leverage of huge networks and their ensuing transformation of the global economy. The availability of this additional investment vehicle will permit us to 1) continue to invest in our maximum mounted and successful companies, 2) put money into greater companies which have been funded to begin with by means of others, 3) invest in special situations like the spin out of a community of scale, and 4) respond to attractive opportunities because the broader marketplace continues to evolve, 5) provide seed funding to highly potential startups.

The Opportunity Fund will be kind of the equal length as our last core fund. Our center budget will preserve to outline our business. We are very conscious of the chance that this extra pool of capital will drive us to drift towards later degree investing. We've constructed this pool of capital to provide extra capacity most effective while we need it.  And we're charging fees handiest on the capital that is certainly invested. We believe these picks will bring about a robust alignment of pursuits with our stakeholders.

The Fund’s objective is to spend money on emerging technology portfolios with a purpose to offer Unit holders with the capability for capital gains over a long time funding horizon thru exposure to era and disruptive organizations inside the project capital level of development targeted predominantly in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Israel, and South-East Asia but not limited to other global areas.

Key success of investing within the Venture Capital Opportunities Fund include:

First-Class Portfolios

Exposure to a excessive first-class and experienced project capital investor

The supervisor of the fund, has a management crew with large collective experience.

Diversification benefits

Venture capital returns have historically tested low correlation with other asset classes. Investing in venture capital may additionally also help reduce dangers in connection with technology disruption in other asset classes.

Convenient platform
Venture capital is mainly the province of high net really worth and complex investors by distinctive feature of the massive character capital commitments required and as a result of the high risk profile of such investments.
Access to generation markets through a multi-geographic technique

The multi-geographic approach of this Fund II provides the opportunity for buyers to access a broader set of opportunities and mitigates the risk of a single geographic approach.

Upside valuation capability to making an investment in challenge capital

Investing in early level challenge capital agencies creates capacity valuation upside and the capability for exposure to some interesting trends and groups from across the world.


we invest in high growth portfolios


Like all investments, an investment inside the IMSGI Opportunities Fund II carries risk which may additionally bring about the loss of income or precept invested. In addition to the general risks of making an investment, specific danger related to making an investment inside the Fund include, but isn't limited to, investee failure risk, investment performance threat, high chance investment, unlisted underlying investments risk, in part paid unit threat, and failure to meet capital calls. For further statistics about the dangers of investing inside the Fund please consult us.