Developer of a cell imaging platform designed to develop 3-D cell image analysis technology for cancer detection. The company's platform detects abnormal cells by using a process called optical computed tomography (Optical CT), enabling medical professionals and pharmaceutical industry to treat lung cancer by analyzing cells in sputum.   VisionGate, Inc., founded by our CEO Dr. Alan Nelson, is a clinical stage oncology pharmaceutical and diagnostics company with a focus on saving lives by developing new products for the early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer, including lung cancer and lung dysplasia.   

 The foundation for our diagnostics capability is our proprietary Cell-CT™ 3-Dimensional Cell Imaging and Analysis platform that we believe will transform the ability to image and detect abnormal cells. The Cell-CT platform, using a process called optical computed tomography (Optical CT), produces isometric, sub-micron resolution 3D images of individual cells with the ability to morphologically recognize over 700 structural biomarkers of normal and abnormal cells. VisionGate is developing the Cell-CT platform to improve its ability to identify biosignatures that would classify cells to aid in abnormal cell detection and prediction of disease. The Cell-CT platform can process any liquid biopsy specimen. As such, it has the potential to detect a wide range of different cancers and cancer biosignatures. This could aid in identifying potential treatments using targeted pharmaceutical therapies.   

 Our LuCED® lung test is a non-invasive sputum-based test that detects abnormal cells which indicate lung cancer and lung dysplasia. The LuCED test utilizes the Cell-CT platform and is in development for the early detection of lung cancer, bronchial dysplasia, and the assessment of indeterminate pulmonary nodules (IPN). The LuCED test includes our proprietary CellGazer™ application, an imaging software tool under development to facilitate cytopathology diagnosis of abnormal cell images detected by the Cell-CT platform.   Our lead investigative pharmaceutical product is iloprost and it is currently in clinical development. Our aim is to achieve the reduction of moderate to severe lung dysplasia as measured by the LuCED lung test, and to qualify iloprost as a first-in-class lung cancer chemoprevention treatment. Iloprost, an oral prostacyclin analog, has progressed through an NCI-sponsored Phase 2 clinical trial and demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in bronchial dysplasia1.   In 2016 VisionGate® acquired a worldwide exclusive license to use iloprost for the prevention of cancer. Iloprost importantly extends the VisionGate product portfolio beyond the LuCED lung test into potential chemoprevention with an oncology pharmaceutical therapeutic. The LuCED® lung test is being developed as a companion diagnostic to iloprost and to provide the unique ability to identify patients with lung dysplasia, a pre-cancerous condition.  


FUNDING: IMSGI Opportunity Fund II