SAP Integrated Invoicing and Billing System
SAP integrated invoicing can help for the billing for monthly amortization payments, reservation and booking payments, and property dues collections. The system can be easily integrated into any payments gateway of our clients’ choice, from credit card payments gateways to ACH electronic checks. Because of the prevalence of SAP, QuickBooks, and Xero all over the world, Qwikwire’s SAP Integratable billing/invoicing system also works for non-real estate clients. A product called BPO 112 is being used by several business process outsourcing clients for invoicing their clients. Qwikwire has also been approached by insurance companies, manpower agencies, and banks.

Cross-border Settlements Platform
Many of Qwikwire’s real estate clients require cross-border settlements. Qwikwire provides the same invoicing systems (SAP, Xero, or QuickBooks integrated) already available for regular clients. These invoicing systems are then integrated to the APIs of international remittance channels like Flywire or SWIFT. These remittance channels handle the entire transactions flow, from clearing to settlement. Qwikwire’s invoicing system records all data and updated transactions in real time.


Billing & Invoicing

Send your customers customized invoicing via e-mail.

Third-Party Gateways

Qwikwire can easily integrate to any gateway of your choice.

Customized Dashboards

Keep track of your metrics in real-time & manage all your invoices & transactions from a central location.

Website: https://qwikwire.com/