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Our company is adept in sourcing portfolio with focus in Emerging Technologies. We can handle and integrated the right people to build a good company that will compete in current trends.


From incubation to growth, we are focus on building organizations that will help people live the intelligent ways that all of us can manage the scarcity of our own resources through emerging technologies.


iMSGI Co. Limited is a thesis-driven company registered in the Philippines investing in a highly lucrative ideas. We partnered with entrepreneurs starting out and established teams scaling their growth. We invest for the long term. Our investments span technology sectors and investment stages ranging from seed to growth.

We build outstanding companies

iMSGI Co. Limited helps identify promising new or established firms and provide them with finance, technical  expertise, mentoring, marketing “know-how”, and business models.

Awesome thoughts don’t simply transform into incredible organizations. Business people require sound business guidance. A hearty environment of supporters. Monetary order. Most importantly, they require keen cash – financial specialists who comprehend the commercial marketplace, who share the business visionary’s energy for development, who can identify the potential of a great idea and then help unlock its commercial success.

Managing Partner

He is a founder of various startup projects that is ready to incubate and in final stage of operation. An expert in web and print media, also a digital strategist, he has 20 years of experience in various fields of web and print media technologies making him best fit to the company. He worked on projects and employed from various companies including top 1000 global firms.

View Profiles: https://angel.co/mario-garcia-24
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-garcia-imsgi/

Limited Partner

The company has vast digital ecosystem resources supplied for a company to run in a competitive advantage. Some of its resources has been used by big companies  around the world. With wide experience in constructing and handling digital infrastructures, Hasloo Network provides crucial investment assets to iMSGI.


We GROW through Our Own Network of highly skilled people and committed with helping everybody outside our network (the consumers, recipients). By organizing well adept professionals, we are highly confident on what ideas we would like to pursue and get on the right track.


To lower the risk of your investments, we assure that the availability of the right portfolios are always available. We are doing this through continuous sourcing process.