How we select startups?

We have an endeavor to recognize and present to you incredible new companies, giving the best venture understanding and openings. We deliberately present the new businesses for you from a huge number of startup applicants.

The selection and review process:

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Initial screening

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Due diligence

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Final decision

Initial screening

We first look for strong positive signals using the FPTM model:
Founders — Product — Traction — Mission


Among the things we look for:
dedication, diversity, location, charisma, experience, vision, track record, network, competence, long-term partner, ability to execute.


Is the idea (the problem and solution) compelling? What are the execution, quality, attention to detail, and technology like?


Has there been measurable progress, growth, and social proof (i.e. user engagement, stakeholder engagement)?


How is this startup going to make the world better?

Due diligence

After we decide the startup is a solid match following the underlying audit, we kick off the formal due diligence process: we take a gander at the new company’s inside and out and, if vital, take advantage of our systems to help assess the accompanying 8 factors (in no specific request): 

Business model

How does the startup make or mean to profit? What amount would it be able to make? 

Social impact

How enormous is their effect and by what means will they satisfy their main goal? 


How extensive or problematic can this business be? What’s their out of line advantage over the contenders? 


How is innovation used to take care of the issue? How extraordinary and hard to reproduce is it? 


Besides originators, does the group have the correct individuals in the fitting jobs, experienced counsels, driven representatives? 

Fact checking

Is the data displayed in the pitch true? We check key contracts and critical understandings.


Are the subsidizing objectives sensible for the startup’s runway? Is the valuation proper at the startup’s current stage? 


Does the startup meet the legitimate criteria for value venture funding? We complete a budgetary and lawful audit and run personal investigations on originators and officers.

Final decision

Due diligence stretches out to the finish of the onboarding procedure. That is the point at which we settle on an official choice to dispatch the crusade, per every one of the checks being met. 

At exactly that point — at long last — the startup goes live on iMSGI Co. Ltd for your thought. 

Indeed, even after the battle goes live, we keep on certainty check and screen the crusade to guarantee financial specialists are instructed and secured. 

How we know which startups are good

Our experience + trustworthy referrals. 

Our group brings understanding and information from AngelList – the world’s #1 stage for authorize startup, Securities and Exchange Commisions, Government and Private authorized organisations and among others. As a group, we have profound involvement in contributing, web based raising money, law, business, designing and brand and network building. We have been organizers and financial specialists, developers and administrators, and we get the help of our huge system of guides, authors and speculators. 

We consider new businesses alluded to us by our sister organizations, accomplices, and systems.

Where we find startups

Since it’s our best need, we invest a considerable measure of energy searching for magnificent new businesses. New companies have come to us by means of: 
  • Referrals from our partners: sister companies, accelerators, startup hubs, etc.
  • Our team’s personal and professional networks
  • Online applications from iMSGI Co. Ltd
  • Referrals from companies who have raised with us
  • Events
  • We find them on host events and competitions for startups
  • We travel everywhere to tech conferences & events.