Giving Together with Gava
Gava is a crowdfunding platform that believes in the power of giving together. Gava enables anyone to create campaigns for anything they wish - passion, hope, wishes, life, or dreams. All you need to do is sign up, start a campaign, then share it to the world for others to contribute to!

Our Ambassadors

  • Dingdong Dantes
  • Miriam Quiambao-Roberto
  • UFC fighter Mark Munoz
  • Perkins Twins

About Us
GAVA is a crowdfunding platform piloted in the Philippines, enabling others that they may dare to dream, wish, hope, build, create, and live, because we at Gava believe in the power of giving together. With our convenient service, multiple payment methods, and transparent platform, giving together is made easier.

Currently in an age where trust and security are of utmost importance to help others, Gava grew to be a blockchain-integrated giving portal that builds trust among parties that do not know each other in a complex world where aid goes through a stringent process before reaching the hands of the beneficiaries. Through blockchain, Gava ensures immutability, transparency, accountability, speed, and efficiency in sending out support to anyone, anywhere in the world. No more fraud and corruption, just care with a bundle of guarantee.

Ultimately, Gava aims to cultivate the virtue of generosity and make it a lifestyle. The vision of the team is for Gava to be top of mind when it comes to celebration of life and helping more people help more people. We dream that someday, through our platform, giving will be part of every land, every culture and every age, because we believe that generosity is never about the amount, it's all about the heart.

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The Gava Team


Ann Cuisia
Founder & CEO

Bermil Espina

Israel Brizuela

Jove Tapiador

Christopher Asinas
Account Executive