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We built this investors platform to continue innovating and give up to date investors new tools and methods to find opportunities.

With collective efforts of those who will also acquire good benefits from this platform (developers, investees, advisors, subject matter, experts etc), we came up with the results and continue to support this idea so everybody will have the best gain. iMSGI Co. Limited lead this program with utmost enthusiasm and desire to find the best economic opportunities.

We find opportunities from DIVERSE portfolios, scan the risk and quickly shift our decisions to minimize the risks.

We are a Venture Capital company.

Investment (VC) is a kind of private equity, a type of financing that is given by firms or assets to little, beginning period, rising firms that are esteemed to have high development potential, or which have shown high development (as far as number of workers, yearly income, or both). Investment firms or assets put resources into these beginning period organizations in return for value, or a possession stake, in the organizations they put resources into. Investors go out on a limb of financing unsafe new companies in the expectations that a portion of the organizations they bolster will wind up fruitful. Since new businesses face high uncertainty, VC ventures do have high rates of disappointment. The new companies are generally founded on an imaginative innovation or plan of action and they are more often than not from the high innovation ventures, for example, data innovation (IT), clean innovation or biotechnology.

The average investment speculation happens after an underlying “seed financing” round. The first round of institutional investment to subsidize development is known as the Series A round. Investors give this financing in light of a legitimate concern for producing an arrival through a possible “leave” occasion, for example, the organization pitching offers to people in general without precedent for a first sale of stock (IPO) or completing a merger and obtaining (otherwise called an “exchange deal”) of the organization.

Notwithstanding Angel contributing, value crowdfunding and other seed financing choices, funding is appealing for new organizations with restricted working history that are too little to even think about raising capital in general society advertises and have not achieved the point where they can anchor a bank advance or complete an obligation advertising. In return for the high hazard that investors expect by putting resources into littler and beginning time organizations, financial speculators normally deal with organization choices, notwithstanding a huge segment of the organizations’ proprietorship (and thusly esteem). New companies like Uber, Airbnb, Flipkart, Xiaomi and Didi Chuxing are profoundly esteemed new companies, where investors contribute more than financing to these beginning period firms; they likewise regularly give key exhortation to the company’s officials on its plan of action and advertising techniques.

Investment is additionally a manner by which the private and open areas can build a foundation that deliberately makes business systems for the new firms and enterprises, with the goal that they can advance and create. This establishment distinguishes promising new firms and furnish them with fund, technical  ability, tutoring, advertising “know-how”, and plans of action. When incorporated into the business organize, these organizations are bound to succeed, as they move toward becoming “hubs” in the scan systems for structuring and building items in their domain. However, financial speculators’ choices are frequently one-sided, showing for example arrogance and figment of control, much like innovative choices in general. 

In a Typical Fund the Returns are From 20% of the Investments
In a typical VC portfolio, most of the returns are from 20% of the investments. This is just a statistical fact – a law of nature. Statistically, if a VC makes ten investments, two will be winners and create most of the gains in the fund.

The Minimum Respectable Return on a VC Fund is 20% per year
A minimum ‘respectable’ return for a VC fund is 20% per year. This is set by the expectations of the investors in VC funds, the relative risk levels compared to other investment classes and the performance achieved by other venture capital fund managers.

Another way to look at this is that a ten-year venture capital fund needs to repay investors six times (6x) their investment.

This means that those two winner investments have to make a 30x return (on average) to provide the venture capital fund a 20% compound return – and that’s just to generate a minimum respectable return.

This math is simplified but it’s more than accurate enough to illustrate this important point. 

We invest the money in startups or newly developed companies.

We have an endeavor to recognize and present to you incredible new companies, giving the best venture understanding and openings. We deliberately present the new businesses for you from a huge number of startup applicants. 



Opportunity Fund
LP Unit Cost: P1,250 ($24)
Minimum Units Subscription: 20 Units
No. of Units: 300,600
Total Amount: P375,750,000 ($7,225,950)

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10% - 25% Investment Return
in 10-12 months.


Opportunity Fund will invest on diversified portfolios which is dynamic in strategy. The scheme will scan any opportunities resulting for higher returns. In this way, investors can guarantee their confidence for higher returns of their money.

We will make sure of finding the right portfolios scoping the entire time of the Opportunity Fund.

How Will I Invest?

Purchase our LP UNITS.

LP Units is a Limited Partnership non voting equity fund units which will be used to fund a particular projects/companies or portfolios. As Purchaser of the LP Units, you will have NO obligation in any lawsuits against/favored to the company applied on Philippine Laws and have NO Voting Rights to the company.

You will merely enjoy your share of profits in a certain time of fund maturity.



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