iMSGI Co. Limited Ventures

The iMSGI Co. Limited Ventures helps our portfolio companies use the power of networks to build better businesses. Our long-standing and successful focus on seed and early stage of companies is on internet-based technology, supply chain management and other emerging technologies. Our belief in pursuing challenges about disruptive ideas and emerging market environments makes us more excited envisioning every rewarding results.

We invest in HIGHLY POTENTIAL Emerging Technologies!


$20M Investment Request

As of January – February, 2019

We Incubate Good Companies.

Once we understand the whole ideas, we take actions to build something that will work. Our team has decades of experience in tech industry busy in trending product development, technical coaching and daily tech operations.


Proven track records in converting ideas into implementations.

We are well versed in hiring the right talents to make an idea into excellent product, turn something into a functional, sustainable business. Successfully convert a great idea Into a Reality. How do we do it? — Experience!